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Hartmut Sy
Drei Würfel
Am Nordgraben 2
After a close look, we see three perfect cubes which are intertwined in one another. None of the cubes is exactly horizontal. The artwork is quite dynamic. Let alone that only elements are used which are static par excellence. A cube refers to an essential intellectual value; this is not associated primarily with dynamics.

The matt, shiny and strict material makes me think of the skills by people to make a perfect and technical element. Location

The sculpture is standing in a park near a clinic and is accessible to a relatively small audience. By placing a piece of art in a park, gives it standing, an aesthetic function which is strengtend by the pleasant and soothing environment.

The impact of the work is limited because of the difficult accessibility, the modest size and the conventional material used. The special feature of this artwork is the tilting because of the playful use of straight lines and shapes.

This artwork is especially significant for specialized art lovers who are familiar with the meanings of a cube, of the lack of horizontal lines, the open forms and who love to look closely to art.

Compared with other works
A perfect cube made of natural material (steel) like Nobody, Niemand by Micha Ullman (Berlin, picture 1, more information) evokes in me words like essence, intellect, nature. I’m thinking of dissecting an element until its’s base-material. Square and rectangle openings are made in this artwork. This has a general meaning and becomes a little bit concrete after extensive analysis by an art critic. My first association is that the recesses could have a practical function. It does not call on an aesthetic pleasure to me.

The artwork Block For Charlie by Richard Serra (Berlin, picture 2, more information) is that abstract and without specific elements that it has barely aesthetic qualities or meanings to me. Minimalism is to my liking implemented too far by using only as a basic form made by a homogeneous natural material. The inclined position of the artwork is not convincing to my taste.

A disc is a basic form with meanings completely different from a cube. Untitled by Niels Keus (Amsterdam, picture 3, more information) brings into my minds words like femininity, cosmos, cohesion, togetherness, whole, complete. These words and there meaning fit well by the nature of the structure; it’s finished by hand. The deep notch makes the work exciting. Could this suggest that's something drastic has happened? The tapered shape gives the disk more volume and makes it more grounded. This is a nice and good artwork.

Art works are all related to each other. That’s what you can say after comparing it to this artwork that is maybe titled Geometric Sculpture, but without known artist (Shanghai, picture 4, more information) Or would the artist be Sy? The artwork is an accumulation of open worked truncated elements. This reminds me of words like atoms, physics, intellect, movement, openness. It is sad that in Shanghai (direct link), but also in Beijing (direct link) and Hong Kong (direct link) the name of the artist and the title of so many works are unknown after checking internet.
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